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Vehicle crime trends happening in Nottingham

Posted 08/26/20 by Joe Mckay

Vehicle Crime Map of Nottingham. Time period: last 12 months accurate as of July 2020.

When it comes to statistics, Vehicle Crime in Nottingham is on the rise. Trends occurring now have Nottingham being viewed as one of the major hotspots for thefts and organised crime.

What has been noted though, is that these crime figures do not include all types of crime in the UK. This includes crime committed against the public such as burglary; car, and van theft and vandalism.

Vehicle crime being reported to the police in Nottingham is rising due to the increased number of cars on the roads as well as the fact that many vehicles are now more vulnerable to relay attacks. However, there is an increasing number of motorists taking measures to protect their vehicles from such attacks, one of the most popular being Autowatch Ghost.

Vehicle Crime in Nottingham is one of the biggest concerns for Nottinghamshire police, see Operation Reacher. This is also a major concern for those that own highly prized vehicles likely to be stolen.

If you have a vehicle and are worried about crime happening in your area, then you should consider taking some preventive measures to protect your assets. For example, make sure to consider installing extra security such as Autowatch Ghost and Keyless Protectors, which will significantly reduce the risk of relay attacks. If you want to learn more about Autowatch Ghost or Relay attacks check out these blogs we have written previously.

Other ways of preventing Vehicle Crime are to be aware of the locations where you park your vehicle and potentially install GPS tracking in them, obviously the best solution against car or van theft is to keep the vehicle in a secure location but as Relay attacks can happen in a matter of moments and not everywhere has secure parking; it’s unfeasible to have a secure parking spot all the time. By keeping up to date with the latest statistics and trends in your area, you can help to prevent crime and protect yourself and your assets.

Vehicle Crime in Gedling. Time period: last 12 months accurate as of July 2020.

Crime trends are not always predictable however so if you are concerned about your vehicle’s security you should consider a layered approach, this means having multiple failsafes in place to ensure your vehicle is secured. For example, if you have a van with valuable tools kept in it, you could use a combination of van dead locks, GPS tracking and Autowatch ghost in order to completely throw off a would be thief and extremely hinder a professional criminal. By monitoring crime statistics in your local area through services such as ADT crime maps, you will have an advantage over criminals and will also know how to prevent the crime from happening to your vehicle.

Whilst you are doing your research, it is best to get advice from someone who is experienced in vehicular security such as ourselves, we will happily advise you on the available options and the specific vulnerabilities of your vehicle. For example, as with all vehicle manufacturers, Mercedes-Benz Sprinters have a few vulnerabilities to theft that we’ve discussed in a previous blog post here.

We at 3D Autokeys want to help everyone keep their vehicles and livelihoods secure. Our team will be with you every step of the way to make sure that you get the best vehicle security solution for you.

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