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About Vehicle Security

Vehicle theft can be a huge worry.

Standard vehicle security is sometimes not enough to protect those valuable items inside your work vans. Although most vehicles come with an immobiliser systems to avoid having them hot-wired and drive away, unfortunately there is also other ways for thieves to get in to your vehicles and take your possessions, therefore at 3D Autokeys we also specialise in vehicle security features to avoid this from happening.

We have the ability to provide different security packages for your vehicle to suit your individual needs, from personal vehicles to professional drivers or companies. We can also install new deadlocks and immobiliser so that your vehicle has an extra level of protection, ideal if you're worried about vehicle theft.

We can supply deadlocks, trackers and immobilisers for most vehicles including cars, vans, campers and trucks. We have the largest stock of auto locksmith parts in the country so we are confident we will be able to protect against a range of security issues. So whether you’re in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby or Sheffield, give us a call if you want advise on vehicle theft.

Vehicle Security Services

ECU Guard

Does your Mercedes van need extra protection?

3D Autokeys have recognised that Mercedes vans are being broken into by thieves removing the plastic wheel arch at the front of the vehicle which exposes the ECU (Electric Control Unit). Thieves are forcibly removing the two electric plugs and plugging in a second ECU with a matched key, they can then press the unlock button on the matched key which will unlock the van and turn off the alarm system. Our ECU shield is a high security fixing that will help to prevent against this type of attack.

Ignition Guard

Does your Mercedes have a vulnerable ignition?

Once thieves have gained entry to the van they change the ignition module behind the dash, replacing it with a matched key and driving away the vehicle. As an extra security procedure, 3D Autokeys are able to assist with supplying and fitting a high security tamper proof fixing that will deter thieves from breaking into your vehicle, removing the ignition, creating a key and driving away.

Immobiliser Systems

Do you want extra security for your vehicle?

3D Autokeys are able to offer a range of immobiliser systems from a basic system to a Thatcham’s approved system. These systems can help to protect against key-cloning and key theft as it prevents the engine from working unless the immobiliser token is present.

Van Security Locks

Has your vehicle been a victim to theft?

We understand that your vehicle can be your livelihood therefore protecting your vehicle is important to us. We are able to offer locks which can deter the peel and steal technique. We have a variety of locks which are ready to be fitted to avoid unnecessary insurance claims or vehicle repair bills. We are able to comply a security package to meet your individual needs from delivery driver to maintenance company.

Modern Vehicle Crime

What's the big deal?

It can only takes around 2 hours to dismantle a vehicle for it's parts. Drivers who fit a good security device are up to ten times less likely to have their vehicle stolen. We have some practical ways to help keep you car safe at home:

Store keys in a lead lined box or wallet

By keeping your car keys in a lead lined box or wallet it will block the radio signal between the key and the vehicle will be blocked, meaning that thieves will be unable to hack the signal and gain entry to your car.

Keep car in a secured garage

If you have a garage then we would recommend keeping your vehicle out of sight in a locked garage when at home, especially overnight. This will help to deter thieves as they cannot simply take it off your driveway.

Fit a tracking device if possible

Vehicles can still be recovered after they've been stolen by fitting your vehicle with a tracking device. You can set up the tracker to notify you when the vehicle has been removed from your property, for example.

Install an additional immobiliser

By fitting an additional immobiliser device to your vehicle, it will prevent the engine from running unless the correct key or token is present. Meaning that thieves can’t start the vehicle even if they boost the car key signal.

Invest in a steering wheel lock

These act as a deterrent as potential thieves cannot turn the wheel of the car.

Thieves are always finding new ways around vehicle security and therefore car and vehicle owners have to be more vigilant and proactive in how they protect their vehicle. Preventing thieves from gaining entry to your van is sometimes a necessity, especially with the news that some vans can be opened within seconds with an air wedge.

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