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About Vehicle Keys

Car keys are easily misplaced and lost.

A recent survey discovered that 26% of drivers will lose their vehicle keys at some point, they are the third most lost item after mobile phones and house keys. We offer a range of car key services to help you get back on the road quicker.

We have the ability to programme your new car keys, remotes and fobs to communicate with your vehicles immobiliser. We can also reset the locks and reprogram the immobiliser so that old keys and remotes will no longer work on your vehicle, ideal if they are lost or stolen.

We can supply keys, remotes and fobs to most vehicles including cars, vans, campers, trucks, bikes etc. We have the largest stock of auto locksmith parts in the country so we are confident we will be able to rectify the majority of issues. So whether you’re in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby or Sheffield, give us a call if you need a replacement key.

Vehicle Key Services

Key Cutting

Do you need a car key cutting?

Don't worry if your key has snapped we are able to cut you a new key blade with our specialist machinery. If you still have all the elements of your key we can cut a new blade in most cases, replacing the blade only to help keep the cost down. If you have lost the blade we can obtain key numbers, either we can pick and decode the door lock or ordering a key number from the dealer.

Replacement Keys

Do you need a new set of keys?

With cars being such a necessity for most of us, it is vital not to be caught out by losing or breaking your one and only key. 3D Autokeys is Nottingham’s leading vehicle locksmiths, we offer a wide range of services to customers across the region at a much lower price than the main dealers. So whether you’re in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby or Sheffield, give us a call if you need a replacement key. 

Spare Keys

Do you need an extra car key?

You use your car keys everyday, so it makes sense to have a spare. You should always have a spare car key in case of emergencies. We can supply spare keys and spare remote fobs at a fraction of the cost of your dealership. 3D Autokeys are able to assist with spare car keys on most vehicles and also have aftermarket keys available to keep costs down, it is important for us to offer a value service. 

Lost Keys

Do you need a replacement for a lost key?

Over a thousand people misplace their car keys each year. 3D Autokeys knows it can stressful when you have lost your keys. Our aim is to assist with lost car keys as quickly as swiftly as possible. Car keys are usually used every day and often couple times a day, so can be easily misplaced or lost. 3D Autokeys can supply replacement keys and save you money against dealer prices on the cost of a lost car key replacement.

Key Repair

Has your car key case been damaged?

It is inevitable that over time your vehicle key will start to show signs of wear and tear. Buttons can wear out, remote cases can crack and even the key blade can become brittle and snap. From time to time you can snap your key, and we are able to offer a service to supply a blade only.  Whether you’ve damaged your car key casing or snapped the key itself, we have a large selection of car keys and remote cases to save you money on a new programmed key.

Key Programming

Do you need a new car key programming?

We have the ability to programme new car keys, remotes and key fobs to communicate with your vehicles immobiliser. We can also read codes, reset the locks and reprogram the immobiliser so that any old keys or fobs will no longer work on your vehicle, ideal if they are lost or stolen.

Gain Entry

Locked out of your vehicle?

Even as technology becomes more and more advanced, locking your own keys in the car is still a problem. Gone are the days when you could get in with a coat hanger, we’ve developed entry techniques for most vehicles, our expert team of trained technicians are able to pick the door locks with no damage to the vehicle to gain access. Meaning quick access to your vehicle and no mess to clean up, call us today for a none destructive gain entry.

Key Battery Replacement

Does your car key battery need changing?

We can replace your car key, remote or fob battery for a small fee. We also offer a free car key battery testing service at our head office; we will check to see if your transponder is reading and if your car key or remote fob battery is low. 3D Autokeys will always try to give you best cost-effective option to keep you moving.

Modern Vehicle Remote Keys

What's the big deal?

A modern vehicle remote key is three things rolled into one:

  1. Mechanical Key Blade
    The flat metal part, to release the steering lock
  2. Coded Electronic Transponder Chip
    Read by the vehicle when the key is inserted into the ignition
  3. Remote Control
    To remotely unlock the doors and disable the alarm

All of this technology has been miniaturised and placed into the small plastic head of your vehicle key and this is why the price tag on a replacement vehicle key is so much more than a household one.

  1. Remote Casing
  2. Circuit Board
  3. Controller Chip
  4. Remote Buttons
  5. Battery
  6. Transponder Chip
  7. Remote Casing
  8. Key Blade