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The Benefits Of Key Cutting

Posted 27/07/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

Keeping our keys safe is a no-brainer, but it can be easy to put off getting a spare key until you are in need. No matter how careful we are, it takes just one moment…

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The Future Of Keyless Technology

Posted 15/06/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

From the humble car key to keyless start technology, the advancements are ever-expanding. In 2016 we saw BMW introduce modern displays on the dashboard of the vehicle, allowing the driver to lock and unlock the…

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The Advancement Of Automotive Keys

Posted 01/06/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

In 1949 Chrysler implemented the first keyed ignition, and with it, of course, the first automotive key. In 1965 Ford employed double-sided keys, which allowed the driver to insert the key into the ignition in…

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Top Six Cars to Remap

Posted 10/03/21 by Joe Mckay

For those of you who have never heard of a remap, it’s a way of reprogramming your car’s computer in order to increase the performance. In particular your vehicle torque and brake horsepower. Also,…

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Why are Replacement Car Keys so Expensive?

Posted 29/01/21 by Joe Mckay

Any motorist knows that replacement car keys are expensive, but many do not understand why modern keys cost so much money. Today, replacement car keys cost an average of £215 depending on your vehicle's…

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