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A Day in the Life of an Auto Locksmith

Posted 11/03/22 by Elspeth McIntyre

Let's introduce Chris; he's one of our newest auto locksmiths. He's been with 3D Autokeys for 6 months, but he worked for 3D Group as a product specialist before that. After many years of helping…

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What Services Do 3D Autokeys Offer?

Posted 01/02/22 by Elspeth McIntyre

We've all been there locked out of our car, not able to move along with our day. It can be such a disturbance to our day! However, our auto locksmiths at 3D Autokeys can help…

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3D Autokeys Is Moving!

Posted 01/12/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

The past two years have been challenging for most businesses, with the logistical problems that came with Brexit and not to mention Covid-19. Nevertheless, we have continued to provide the industry with the best…

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How to Recognise a Shady Auto Locksmith

Posted 23/11/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

Here at 3D Autokeys, we keep our ears to the ground, and unfortunately, we have recently heard an increase of complaints about rogue auto locksmiths. We urge people to read the article below and follow…

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Protecting Your Car From Theft

Posted 01/10/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

Here at 3D Autokeys, we take vehicle security seriously! Our dedicated team of auto locksmith professionals are often called out to vehicles to enhance security measures. Aside from professional services that you can view here,…

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What is Keyless Car Theft?

Posted 09/09/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

What Is Keyless Car Theft? Keyless car theft, otherwise known as 'relay theft', is where the signal from a key fob from a 'keyless entry' car is captured by a thief standing close to the…

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The Benefits Of Key Cutting

Posted 27/07/21 by Elspeth McIntyre

Keeping our keys safe is a no-brainer, but it can be easy to put off getting a spare key until you are in need. No matter how careful we are, it takes just one moment…

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