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Help And Advice

Here are some of the commonly asked questions from our customers. If you can't find the answer below, please contact us and we will try our best to answer your question.

How much is a spare key?

The price varies from every make and model but we do aim to save the customer up to 90% of the main dealer price. On many vehicles we do have different options to keep costs.

I’ve locked my keys in the car what can I do?

You can check to see whether all of the vehicle has locked inc boot, if it has then call us and we can perform a non-destructive gain entry to your vehicle.

I’ve lost my keys to my car what can I do?

First check to see if you do have a spare key, if you get another key done on most manufacturers if a new key is coded in then it will remove all other none present keys to the vehicle and only 70% of old keys can be coded back in.

I’ve snapped my key in a lock can you help?

We are able to offer different services, in some cases we can just swap the blade or even do a new key case. We can assess this at the office free of charge.

My key won’t work the locks can you help?

If you are able to send a picture of the key to us we can visually assess this, failing that we can come out and do a full assessment of the key and the locks and then advise you of which you require.

I have two keys for my vehicle and none start the vehicle?

Have you checked the battery on the vehicle and the fuses? Have you had the issue for a while with one key? Have both keys failed together? The answers to this question would be enough for us then to speak to our Support Team.

Do you replace the locks?

Yes, we can do a full assessment of your locks before you decide to purchase to ensure that the parts which we order are correct and will resolve the issues.

My recovery agent has advised me I have lost my chip from my key, how can I assist?

We would come over to the vehicle have a check of the key and then complete and new chip and program, if we do not find any issues with your key we would run a diagnostics and advise you further

My car is not starting but I have a light flashing on the dash?

Call one of the team and they will gain as much information from you as possible and then advise you further, on a Vauxhall the padlock sign will flash we have known this to be the key has failed and a new key is required.

Do you replace batteries in remotes?

Yes, this is something our head office usually deal with to keep the costs down for the customer.

Do you require an immobiliser or key number for my vehicle?

On some makes we would require documents namely early Peugeot and Citroen and Vauxhall, we would require documents to be able to obtain this on your behalf and you would also be given a copy on completion of the job.

Do all prices include VAT, program and labour?

Yes! We would never charge any more without discussing with you first!

Does the work I have done come with a guarantee?

OEM and genuine parts 12 months – Aftermarket parts 6 months from the date of fitting

How can you offer those services cheaper than the dealer?

We buy parts from our sister company 3D Group who distribute to locksmiths all over the world

Do you offer discount?

Yes, we do offer a multi car discount, if you have the vehicles at the same place same time. We also offer a loyalty discount.

How do I pay?

By cash or card. If you are a garage or company you may wish to open a 30 day account.

Do I have to bring the vehicle to you?

We are a fully mobile service, this is to ensure the best quality of service can be given to the customer, saves the headache of towing the vehicle. In rare occasions you may be asked to attend the office but you will be given plenty of notice.

Does my car have an immobiliser?

Yes! All vehicles now days have a factory fitted immobiliser system, this is to ensure that the vehicle cannot be easily stolen. New keys will have to be programmed in to your vehicle to work.