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About Keyless Protector

Effective Protection Against Relay Attacks.

Relay attacks are on the rise and quickly becoming the biggest threat in car theft. We at 3D Autokeys have recognised this growing threat and are now bringing to you the Keyless Protector. A convenient and easy to use product that fits 99% of all key fobs and protects your car from relay attacks without compromising on keyless technology or affecting your warranty.

Keyless Technology Wherever You Go

With Keyless Protector, your key only emits signals once activated. All you need to do is double tap to activate the signal.

Automated and Convenient

When you walk away from the vehicle, Keyless Protector will automatically deactivate, the signal from your key fob, protecting your vehicle from relay attack.

Advanced but Easy to use

Easy to use and simple to fit, the advanced technology, ultra-thin circuit board wraps around the vehicle remote key battery so Keyless Protector makes securing your vehicle effortless while also being affordable.

Relay Attacks

With no force of entry needed, criminals use long distance antennas to intercept your key's signal, boosting them and fooling the car into thinking you are standing next to it. Once unlocked the boosted signal enables the vehicle to be started and be driven away in under 30 seconds.

Help and advice

How Does it Work?

The Keyless Protector works by blocking the signal from your key fob when it's not needed. The advanced technology, ultra-thin circuit board wraps around the vehicle remote key battery. The Keyless Protector can then detect when the key is not in use. To reactivate the key all that's needed is a double tap either in your pocket or bag.

What is a Relay Attack?

Criminals use antennas to intercept and boost your key signals to fool your car into thinking you are standing next to it. This method allows criminals to open your car without using force and to also start and drive your car away with ease.

Are Relay Attacks Common?

With 95% of motorists at risk, relay attacks are on the rise all around the world, so much so that some insurers are refusing to insure Range Rovers unless they have secure parking. Criminals can buy the devices to carry out relay attacks for as little as £80, making this a very profitable and simple to perform crime.

Can I Fit Keyless Protector Myself?

Yes, fitting the keyless protector is relatively simple so you can fit it yourself. If you don't want to fit the product yourself we can fit it at our Nottingham based head office.

Tech Top Tip

'Just double tap to reactivate your key'