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Autowatch Ghost Security for your Luxury Car

Posted 08/03/20 by Joe Mckay

It’s a Ghost. Get it?

With vehicle crime on the rise in the UK, especially during lockdown people who own Luxury Cars are on the lookout for ways to deter thieves. There are a range of solutions aside from sitting up all night watching it because you are terrified of it getting stolen. These range from Faraday wallets, Keyless Protectors and GPS tracking all the way up to Autowatch Security’s Ghost security system. Ghost is truly at the cutting edge of automotive security and makes it nigh on impossible for thieves to drive away in your vehicle. Not concerned about vehicle crime? Just look at this Vehicle Crime Map of Nottingham City Centre below.

What is Autowatch Ghost?

Autowatch Ghost is a secondary CAN bus immobiliser that is installed into your vehicle which protects your car from methods of theft such as key-cloning, key hacking or even someone just plain stealing your car key from your hand in broad daylight. Ghost is well hidden within the vehicle so there is no indication of the location of the immobiliser from the outside, as it has no key fobs or LED’s to give it away. Additionally, some dealer’s say you shouldn’t tell even your best friend that you have Ghost installed on your vehicle. Ghost is a bit like a bank card in that it requires a ‘PIN code’ to deactivate the immobiliser unit. This is done with a series of button presses within the vehicle; this can be a sequence up to 20 actions long for the particularly paranoid. Examples of this could include flicking the indicator button then pressing a series of buttons on the centre console. This sequence is programmed by you after the installation of Ghost, and during the installation you will also receive a unique Emergency reset pin which will allow you reset your password if you forget it. Autowatch Ghost is also a TASSA Verified security system which means it has been scrutinised by third party industry experts from the police and security testing backgrounds.

Relay Attacks

Autowatch Ghost is also an excellent defense against relay attacks, where a pair of thieves will boost the signal of your key using an amplifier and then use a receiver positioned near the car in order to unlock it and start the ignition before driving your car away. Autowatch Ghost prevents this by not allowing the car to start even if the thief physically had your key in the ignition.

This is one of many reasons why Autowatch Ghost provides unrivalled security in the automotive industry. Relay attacks have become an increasingly more frequent method of stealing modern cars as it can take as little as thirty seconds to perform this attack and the equipment needed to carry it out is reasonably cheap. Your vehicle will be vulnerable if it has a keyless remote entry/start system, or even just an “Infotainment” system on board.


Autowatch Ghost is compatible with a wide array of vehicles, there are too many to list here. It seems the earliest adopters of Autowatch Ghost were MINI with the year 2000 Countryman [R60] being the oldest supported model. The next adopters were the 2003 Golf [mk5] and the Bentley Continental GT [mk1]. For a full list of vehicles, click the link here. Thanks for reading.

The 3D Autokeys Team

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