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Why Every Driver Should Invest In A Dash Cam Background Image

Why Every Dri­ver Should Invest In A Dash Cam

Posted 05/21/21 by Elspeth Myers

Over recent years, car dash cams, or dash­board cam­eras, have become increas­ing­ly pop­u­lar, and today there is a wide range of them on the market.

3D Autokeys offers a selec­tion of dash cams to help dri­vers to choose the per­fect option to improve their vehi­cle’s safe­ty and pro­vide evi­dence in the event of any issue.

There are 3 main types of dash cam on the mar­ket today:

  • Front View Dash Cams 
  • Rear View Dash Cams
  • Dual Dash Cams

Each of these cam­eras offers a unique view­ing angle, so you have an accu­rate field of view and can get high-qual­i­ty footage from a vari­ety of van­tage points on your vehicle. 

If you’re on the fence about buy­ing your­self a dash cam for your car, then keep read­ing this arti­cle to find out the main ben­e­fits of these inno­v­a­tive solutions. 

Dash Cams Offer Evi­dence In The Event Of An Accident

One of the main rea­sons why most car own­ers choose to buy a dash cam is because these solu­tions can help you to get evi­dence if your car has an acci­dent or is dam­aged while it’s parked. 

So, if a bad dri­ver dam­ages your vehi­cle, then you can prove who was at fault using the footage from your dash cam. 

Often in road acci­dents, both motorists will blame the oth­er dri­ver for the crash, but with a dash cam, you can prove who was at fault.

If the acci­dent was­n’t your respon­si­bil­i­ty and you can prove it, you can claim dam­ages on the oth­er dri­ver’s insurance. 

There are many types of dash cams on the mar­ket with var­i­ous unique fea­tures, and some can be left record­ing even while the vehi­cle is stationary.

As such, you can have evi­dence if some­one dam­ages your vehi­cle while it’s parked. By keep­ing the cam­era run­ning, you can get footage of any­one approach­ing the vehi­cle or oth­er cars that might pass on the road and scratch your vehicle. 

Photo of a car collision
Pho­to of a car collision 

Cam­eras Can Pre­vent Insur­ance Fraud

Car insur­ance fraud has risen dra­mat­i­cal­ly over recent years, and crash for cash’ fraud­sters often delib­er­ate­ly dam­age vehi­cles to claim on the oth­er dri­ver’s insurance.

As such, safe dri­vers need to be aware of this issue and work hard to pre­vent insur­ance fraud against them. 

Insur­ance fraud rais­es pre­mi­ums for all dri­vers, as car insur­ance providers have to cov­er the loss­es, and they usu­al­ly push these costs onto their clients. 

When you add a dash cam to your car, you give your­self the best pos­si­ble chance of prov­ing that a crash was­n’t your fault. 

There­fore, you can reduce insur­ance fraud and ensure that your insur­ance pre­mi­ums remain afford­able if you use one of these qual­i­ty products. 

A Vis­i­ble Cama­ra Can Deter Car Thieves 

As well as pro­vid­ing footage that can be used as evi­dence, a qual­i­ty, vis­i­ble dash cam can also deter car thieves.

Even if the dash cam isn’t record­ing, they will notice it when they see your vehi­cle and might be put off from try­ing to steal your car, as they don’t know that the cam­era isn’t in park­ing mode.

If they know that they are on video, then they won’t want to be caught attack­ing your vehi­cle or try­ing to steal it. 

Most mod­ern dash­cams come with an app or an online account where you can view the footage in real-time or save the con­tent for later.

As such, if your car does get stolen with the dash cam inside it, you can still access the video and boost your chances of retriev­ing your property. 

Car being hot wired
Car being hot wired

Hav­ing A Dash Cam Can Improve Your Driving 

As men­tioned ear­li­er in this arti­cle, many dash cam­eras have addi­tion­al fea­tures includ­ed along­side the abil­i­ty to cap­ture videos of your vehi­cle as you drive.

These addi­tion­al fea­tures include GPS solu­tions and screens that allow you to view your car from a vari­ety of angles.

These fea­tures can help you to improve your dri­ving, as they can help you if you strug­gle with park­ing your car or see­ing behind it in the rearview mirror.

With a qual­i­ty rear cam­era linked to a screen on your dash­board, you can improve your park­ing and make it eas­i­er for you to see your car from a vari­ety of dif­fer­ent view­ing angles. 

Addi­tion­al­ly, hav­ing a cam­era on your vehi­cle might make you feel more cau­tious. As such, you’ll be more like­ly to dri­ve safe­ly and reduce your speed, as you know that your dri­ving is being mon­i­tored by the camera. 

Get More Vehi­cle Secu­ri­ty Tips From The Experts

When you’re search­ing for a new cash cam, you need to make sure that you choose the right tech­nol­o­gy that will meet your needs. 

You need to ensure that the prod­uct you select has the fea­tures you want and the right view­ing angle. 

There are many dif­fer­ent prod­ucts avail­able today, so you can choose one that fits your bud­get and requirements. 

Check out our secu­ri­ty shop, and find a selec­tion of the best dash cams on the mar­ket cur­rent­ly, so you can find the cam­era that suits your needs. We offer a selec­tion of tech­nol­o­gy so that you can find the right solu­tion at the per­fect price. 

Dash cams are vital for the secu­ri­ty of your vehi­cle, but they’re not the only solu­tion on the mar­ket. From track­ers to key­less pro­tec­tors, there are a host of oth­er tools out there that can help you to keep your vehi­cle secure and help you to retrieve it if it does get stolen.

For peace of mind, you should con­sid­er work­ing with vehi­cle secu­ri­ty experts like the team at 3D Autokeys. 

We work with a wide range of clients and can help you to keep your car safe by sug­gest­ing the best dash cams on the mar­ket, help­ing you install oth­er vehi­cle secu­ri­ty solu­tions, and much more. 

For more infor­ma­tion on vehi­cle secu­ri­ty, you can check out our blog. We offer you tips, prod­uct reviews, mar­ket insight, and much more. 

If you want advice that’s tai­lored to your unique needs, then con­tact us. Our team can help you to improve your car’s secu­ri­ty and choose the best dash cam for your vehicle. 

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