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Top Ten Cars most likely to get stolen in 2020

Posted 09/15/20 by Joe Mckay

When buying a new car it’s always worth considering all aspects of your purchase, after all you will be using this vehicle everyday for the next couple of years. One thing to consider is how likely your car or vehicle is to be targeted by thieves. In this short guide we will outline the top ten models of cars that might need extra security as they are often the target of car theft.

Number One: The Range Rover Sport

Racing forward to take the top spot from 8th place in 2018 is the Land Rover Sport. A highly coveted SUV that sees a few of its siblings in the top ten vehicles most likely to be targeted by thieves in the UK. So, how are thieves exploiting the vulnerabilities on this vehicle?

As has been the case since the introduction of keyless entry systems it is this that has been the primary vulnerability for Land Rover’s vehicles. They have however been constantly upgrading the vehicles security systems, making thieves have to work particularly hard in some cases, but as long as the car is desirable it will still be more prone to theft than other models. The drawback for this extra security is that unfortunately Range Rover owners will likely to have to pay more if they require a new key after they have misplaced theirs

Insurance companies and Manufacturers are recommending a number of measures to deter thieves. Firstly, visible deterrents are best, in a throwback to the 90’s and 80’s manufacturers are recommending having steering locks and crook locks when your vehicle is left unattended, or for those of you that want something more discrete you could consider an immobiliser system like Autowatch Ghost or even just a GPS tracking install.

Number Two: The BMW X5

Following the trend of Luxury SUVs second place goes to the BMW X5. Again the primary vulnerability of these vehicles has been it’s keyless entry system. Since it was first introduced in 1980 on the Ford Thunderbird, keyless entry systems have been a convenient way for vehicle owners to get on the move, however it has since proven to be regularly exploited by thieves using the relay attack method. A number of these security flaws were uncovered by the Chinese research team at Keen security which detected 14 vulnerabilities some of which were deemed serious enough to warrant official CVE classification.

Remote access vulnerability in BMW X series, I Series, 3, 5 and 7 series via GSM network

BMW has however implemented numerous patches to try and fix these flaws, but it’s still wise for XS series owners to take extra precautions which can be as simple as buying a Keyless protector or faraday wallet, it is however recommended to get an expert’s opinion.

Number Three: Mercedes-Benz C-Class

The eponymous Mercedes C-Class comes in third place in our lineup of cars most likely to be stolen in 2020. As you can see it’s a very attractive model and coveted by many motorists which ultimately makes it a lucrative opportunity for car thieves. Yet again the recurring theme of exploited Keyless entry systems comes into play, we cannot emphasise enough the vulnerabilities brought about by keyless entry systems via relay attack. We have even posted a short video on Youtube to explain how relay attacks are carried out.

Number Four: The Range Rover Vogue

Another unfortunate entry in the top ten for Range Rover with Vogue in at number four. Range Rover owners really do have a need for extra vehicle security especially if they don’t have off street or secure parking.

Number Five: The Land Rover Discovery

At number five it’s yet another vehicle from Land Rover, the Disco is also in the top ten and by this point if I owned one I would be getting pretty anxious about my vehicle’s safety. For the sake of brevity we’ll sum up the rest of the top ten.

6. BMW X6

7. Range Rover Evoque

8. BMW 3 Series

9. Range Rover Autobiography

10. Mercedes-Benz E-Class

A bit on on Organised Crime

For the most part vehicle crime in the UK has declined, this does however come with the caveat that Relay attacks and the invention of keyless entry systems, have caused a spike in sophisticated relay attacks carried out with relatively inexpensive kit, utilised by organised criminals. These criminal gangs are often stealing vehicles to order for clients in Eastern Europe, they then attempt to smuggle them out of the country at major ports in the UK and Republic of Ireland.

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