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The Cars Most at Risk of Theft

Posted 07/13/18 by 3D Autokeys Team

It’s no secret that car theft is on the rise, particularly due to the increased popularity of keyless cars. The ease of hacking key fobs and extending the signal has allowed for more cars to be at risk, and for them to be stolen quicker than ever before, with keyless theft only taking a matter of minutes. But what cars are most at risk? Read on to find out…

The car with the highest number of thefts in 2017 was the Mercedes-Benz C Class. Having been in previous years’ top 10 lists, it’s now risen to the top as thieves increasingly target executive cars.

Mercedes-Benz C Class

Coming in second place was 2016’s most stolen car, the BMW X5 with the Range Rover Sport coming in third.


In fourth place it’s one of the best Mercedes cars on the market, the Mercedes-Benz E Class.

Within the rest of the top 10, it tends to be premium cars with 2 BMW models (3 Series and M3), the Land Rover Discovery, the Range Rover Autobiography and the Audi RS4.

Audi RS4

But it’s not just premium cars that are most at risk. The VW Golf comes in at number 9, showing that affordable keyless cars can also be a target. Similarly, Cleveland Police in Middlesbrough reported that half of the cars stolen in the first part of the year, were Ford Fiestas.

VW Golf

What about if you own a van? The top 2 commercial vehicles at risk are the Ford Transit and the Land Rover, closely followed by the Mercedes Sprinter, Volkswagen Transporter and Fiat Ducato. Van theft can be detrimental for small businesses, with the valuable contents of the vans also being stolen, and often resold almost immediately.

One thing is for sure, these cars are all at risk due to relay attacks. This is done by intercepting the signal given off by a set of car keys. It involves two people – one stands by the vehicle while the other stands near the house with a device that can pick up the signal from a key fob. This device can amplify and relay the key fob’s signal directly to the car, allowing any thief to get in and drive away immediately. With the hacking devices costing as little as £80, and cars with keyless fobs becoming more popular, it’s expected this type of car crime will increase rapidly. It’s thought that 66% of car thefts in the UK last year was through relay attacks, showing just how much of a growing problem this is for vehicle owners.

In terms of relay attacks, it was found that BMW and Peugeot systems tended to be the weakest at resisting this sort of hack.

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