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Is The Keyless Protector or Autowatch Ghost The Answer?

Relay Attacks: The Biggest Threat In Car Theft?

Posted 06/21/18 by Dean Sanderson

Relay attacks are quickly becoming the biggest threat in car theft, with attacks happening all over the world. It’s been reported that some insurance companies will not even insure Range Rovers in London unless they have secure parking!

How are thieves stealing cars?

A relay attack is done by intercepting the signal given off by a set of car keys. It involves two people – one stands by the vehicle while the other stands near the house with a device that can pick up the signal from a key fob. This device has the ability to amplify and relay the key fob’s signal directly to the car, allowing any thief to get in and drive away immediately. With the hacking devices costing as little as £80, and cars with keyless fobs becoming more popular, it’s expected that this type of car crime will increase rapidly.

The cars most at-risk are cars that use keyless fobs, as well as ‘connected cars’ that use internet to access maps, music and travel information.

There’s a range of products out there to help protect your car, from cheaper solutions to more expensive and more comprehensive products - there’s something for everyone’s budget.

Low Budget

For those on a lower budget, there are key protection wallets and steering wheel locks. Whilst they are not as technologically advanced, they can still prevent vehicle theft.

Key protection wallets provide a safe storage for keyless fobs so that they cannot be hacked for relay attacks. You can pick yourself one up for about £10, proving them to be the cheapest form of car theft prevention on the market. Whilst they are extremely cost effective, there is more effort involved as you have to remember to put it in the wallet, which for many busy people on the go, is not always their top priority.

Steering wheel locks may be old school, but they get the job done! They are a great deterrent for any potential thief and stop anyone being able to move the steering wheel without unlocking it first. Ranging between £30 and £120, you can get yourself a lock on whatever budget you’re working to. Proven to be an effective prevention of car theft for many years, you can’t fault their success levels. However, thieves have learnt ways to break the many types of locks in a short amount of time, allowing them to still drive away with your car.

Medium Budget

The Keyless Protector is one of the best solutions on the market to resolve keyless entry car theft, and the first electronic key fob protection in the world! For only £145 you can guarantee your car is protected from all relay attacks.

The product works by blocking the signal from the remote control when it’s not needed. The advanced technology, ultra-thin circuit board wraps around the vehicle remote key battery. The Keyless Protector can then detect when the key is not in use. To reactivate the key, all that’s needed is a double tap.

There are multiple benefits for you:

  • Better vehicle security
  • Stops relay attacks
  • Can reduce the risk of theft via stealing car keys
  • Does not void the warranty on the vehicle like some solutions
  • Doesn’t compromise on keyless technology
  • Easier than getting a wallet out of a bag
  • Automatically secures the remote when not in use

Interested in this product? We offer two packages! If you live close to our head office in Nottingham, you can make an appointment to come in and we will fit the Keyless Protector for you. For those further afield, order online for home delivery to fit it yourself – don’t worry, we’ll give you all the guidance you’ll need.

High Budget

For those who are willing to come to our head office, we have a more comprehensive, next-generation device that secures your vehicle without the need for cutting wires or adding after-market key fobs. This is the Autowatch Ghost. For £399, you can get one of the most high-tech, complete car security systems. The major advantage of this product is that it prevents car theft, even if your keys are stolen, due to it requiring a PIN code.

What does the Autowatch Ghost do?

  • Prevents the start of the engine as a PIN code needs to be entered
  • It’s undetectable by diagnostic equipment used by thieves
  • It doesn’t transmit any radio frequency signals, stopping thieves from being able to detect the device
  • It’s a silent operation, meaning that there’s no tell-tale clicking of a traditional immobiliser relay used in other security products

Why is it a game changer?

  • It stops key cloning and ECU swapping as a correct PIN code is needed for the engine to start
  • The ghost is a tiny weatherproof device that can be installed anywhere in the car
  • There’s an emergency PIN code override in case the PIN is forgotten, the car is sold or a button is broken
  • The service/valet mode allows your vehicle to temporarily start and drive without requiring the PIN code
  • You can easily change the PIN code at any time

Although this product is the most expensive option, it’s the best way to ensure you have comprehensive vehicle security. For more information about this product, or to make a purchase, head to our product page (link to landing page) and make an enquiry, or give us a call on 0115 952 2772

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