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How to Keep Your Van and its Contents Safe

Posted 07/13/18 by 3D Autokeys Team

Keeping your van safe from theft can be vital for the survival of a small business, as both the van and its contents can be essential for income, in terms of keeping business coming in, and replacing stolen equipment. Choosing the right security measures can save you thousands of pounds in missed work, and days of stress and insurance sorting.

Here’s 3D Autokeys top 8 tips to keep your van safe from theft:

Invest in the best security measures

Whether you’re buying a new van, or looking to make your current vehicle more secure, choose the best security measures for you. Something that may seem like an expensive piece of kit now, could save you hundreds if it fully protects from theft. From immobilisers, to keyless protectors to PIN entry systems, there’s the perfect system for you. Think about the most important security elements and choose the security measure that covers that.

Keyless Protector

Choose your lock wisely

Because vans can be such a target to thieves, it’s advised that you install additional locks. Slamlocks automatically lock a van door when it’s slammed shut to prevent thieves entering the vehicle when it’s been left for a short amount of time. Deadlocks are fitted to van doors and work by using an external key to place a bolt into a receiver on the opposite section of the van. These locks are extremely hard to pick as there’s no spring mechanism that can be forced open. Lock protection plates go on your current locks and prevent thieves from breaking them open.

Don’t dismiss the cheaper options

While the high-tech systems are the best in preventing theft, it’s important to use a combination of security measures to fully deter thieves. The cheaper alternatives can be used alongside a more complex system to give the appearance of obvious vehicle security. Steering wheel locks, hand brake locks, stickers to warn that tools aren’t left in the vehicle overnight are all a good way to show potential thieves you’re taking van security seriously.

Always lock your van

It may sound obvious, but opportunistic thieves are always on the lookout for unlocked vans. Especially in places where you’re likely to have left the car just for a few minutes, such as petrol stations and corner shops. Ensure all doors and windows are closed and locked every time you leave the van, along with any additional security measures you may have invested in. You can also invest in extra locks, both internal and external, along with deadbolts for the door, to add an extra layer of security.

Hide your valuables

Having valuables on show inside your van can entice thieves and encourage them to break in there and then, to get the valuables before you lock them away. Make sure all phones, laptops, bags, even sat-nav devices are hidden away – or even better, taken with you.

Sat Nav, satellite navigation system

Keep an inventory

If the worst does happen, it can be useful to have an inventory to consult when making insurance claims. Keep a list of every tool you have in your van, so you can easily check what has gone missing, and what will need to be replaced.

Think carefully about parking

Parking your van in a well-lit, safe area can do wonders in protecting it from theft, as there’s plenty of visibility which deters potential thieves. Positioning your van against a wall or railing so the doors cannot be easily opened is another good idea, as thieves won’t be able to easily access the van and will move on to a different vehicle.

Fleet of vans

Prioritise security

When purchasing a new van, make security your number 1 priority. Don’t get side-tracked by fancy elements such as heated seats, focus on getting the best security features for your money, such as alarms, immobilisers and deadlocks.

Want more advice on how to protect your van? Give our experts a call on 0115 952 2772 or browse our security products today!

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