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Can I Fix a Snapped Car Key?

Posted 10/11/22 by Elspeth Myers

It can feel like the end of the road for you and your car when your car key snaps! But not all hope is lost. With the help of an auto lock­smith, your bro­ken car key will be fixed in no time. 

You’ll see hacks online for fix­ing your own car key. We get it, mon­ey is tight, but you might find that hack­ing your way through might cost you more in the long run. 

Con­tact the experts instead!

Who Do I Call for a Bro­ken Key? 

Take a moment to note your car make, mod­el and reg­is­tra­tion num­ber. These are handy to have to hand. Next, call your local auto lock­smith; here at 3D Autokeys, the Mid­lands car key spe­cial­ists, we offer replace­ment car keys services. 

Why not call a dealership? 

Are you ready to dig deep into your pock­ets? Using a deal­er­ship for your replace­ment car key can cost you a pack­et. Yes, you’ll get your car’s exact key but lose time and money. 

Using a deal­er may mean that you’re with­out your car for some time, pos­si­bly hav­ing to leave your vehi­cle at the deal­er­ship overnight or even longer. So instead, you can call 3D Autokeys, and we can come to you! We also have an easy-to-reach head office, just off junc­tion 27 on the M1.

car dealership

Call a lock­smith near me 

Call­ing a car lock­smith is the best choice if you need speedy ser­vice. We’ll come to your aid and make a new key for you. 

3D Autokeys have keys that are ready to pro­gramme, that speed up the car key pro­gram­ming process. As a result, we can acquire your unique key and repli­cate it onto new key blades. 

This process is much faster and cheap­er than the alternatives. 

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My key has bro­ken in my door or ignition

Stop! Put the tweez­ers down. Trust us when we say you need the cor­rect tools for the job. Our skilled tech­ni­cians have not only removed thou­sands of bro­ken keys from igni­tions, but they have the prop­er tools for the job. 

We use a key extrac­tor tool to remove the key from the door or igni­tion. Some­times, the process requires drilling, but this is the last resort. Once we’ve removed the key, we can go on to start the key replace­ment process, mean­ing you’ll have access to your car the same day! 

Call for our car lock­out service 

Do you live in Mid­lands? 3D Autokeys is your local auto lock­smith! We can fix bro­ken car keys, dupli­cate spare keys, and more. Not to for­get, we also offer an emer­gency car lock­out service. 

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