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About Remaps

Get the most out of your vehicle with our remap service. We offer engine remaps to increase power & torque with sharper throttle response and smooth power application, all whilst improving fuel economy.

OBD Remapping

Remapping through the OBD port is the most efficient and non-intrusive tuning method which allows us to yield some truly amazing results, without even opening the bonnet. Using specialist remapping equipment, the ECU data can be extracted from the ECU via the OBD port, once the data has been modified the data can then be reloaded back to the ECU via the same process.

Additional Services

Dash Cameras

Do you need an extra set of eyes on the road?

It's now common to see dash cams fitted in a vehicle, these cameras help record what takes place both on the road and also inside the vehicle. This type of kit can be a great from a safety and legal standpoint. We are able to assist with individual budgets and also have a variety of dash cameras available for purchase, which can include SD cards, WiFi, blue tooth and even a Sat Nav.

Lock Programming

Have you got a new lock that needs coding?

You may have only heard of key programming but lock programming is becoming more common with today's modern vehicles. This occurs when the full lock set has been changed and the vehicles security information needs to be updated to ensure that you can remotely open the vehicle. Not all locks need programming, only certain makes and models but when we are quoting we will advise you accordingly.

Lock Replacement

Do you need replacement locks?

From time to time locks can play a big part of being unable to gain access or even stop you starting your vehicle. We are able repair or replace most locks when you have an issue. With locks as there are many components, we usually require to carry out a full assessment of the lock and components before quoting to ensure the exact parts are quoted on accordingly.

Why Remap?

Increased power and torque, improved throttle response, smoother power delivery, removing flat-spots where possible, with improved MPG during normal driving helping to reduce fuel bills and your carbon foot-print. 3D Autokeys can perform an ECU remap for many modern petrol engines (turbo and non-turbo) and turbo-diesels.

With a remap alone you can achieve some impressive results, with up to 20% more power and 25% more midrange torque.