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About Auto Electrics

Vehicles depend on numerous electrical parts.

From time to time vehicles will not start and this is not always down to a key fault.

We have the ability to do diagnostics tests on most vehicles electrical system to find and advise on faults. We can programme and configure your vehicles units and modules to ensure they are performing their function correctly, ideal if you require a tow bar configuring.

We can perform these services on most vehicles including cars, vans, campers and trucks. We have the latest diagnostic software available on the market so we are confident we will be able advise on the majority of issues. So whether you’re in Nottingham, Leicester, Derby or Sheffield, give us a call if you need module coding or diagnostic tests. We do not offer these services under this category as a mobile service.

Auto Electric Services

Diagnostic Testing

Do you need a diagnostic health check?

It can be worrying when your dash board lights up but 3D Autokeys technicians are able to come and perform a diagnostics test on your vehicle to see where the fault lies. We can advise on what the fault is, so you can understand the full extent and cause of the problem, enabling you to talk to your mechanic or dealer knowledgeably about the issue. 3D Autokeys use the latest cloud based diagnostic equipment to spot vehicle errors and faults.

Module Coding and Configuration

Do you need a unit programmed or configured?

There are different modules and add-on units that control function or features in your car, from tow bar configuration to suspension control. If your vehicle needs a module replacing or new unit adding it will need to be programmed and configured to your car. 3D Autokeys are able to code and configure modules using the latest diagnostic programming tools. This service is dependent on the manufacturer but please contact us to find out more information.

Modern Vehicle Systems

What's the big deal?

A modern vehicle is made up of many electrical system and components. These individual systems are controlled by numerous Electronic Control Modules:


The Body Control Module usually controls electric windows, electric mirrors, air conditioning, immobiliser system, central locking and many other functions.


The Engine Control Module is the integral part of the car’s engine management system controlling the performance of the engine.


The Battery Management System is the unit that ensure voltage, temperature and overall health of your vehicle battery.

These are just a few of the units in your vehicle that manage the complex technology within your vehicle, some cars can have up to 80 Electronic Control Units. All of these parts and components can be factors of why your vehicle does not perform correctly. Usually your vehicle will show a light to advise and assist with where the fault lies, unfortunately in some cases there can be multiple faults therefore we can offer a diagnostics test.

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