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Spare car keys / Remotes / Fobs

Did you know that a car key is the most daily used item? With cars being such a necessity for most of us, it is vital not to be caught out by losing or breaking your one and only key. We can supply spare keys at a fraction of the price you would pay at your local dealership.

Stolen keys / Remotes / Fobs

Back in the mid 90's car crime was very high. To combat this problem all cars have used immobiliser technology as standard that work even if you don’t lock your car. This now makes the keys a prime target for car theft, and if this is the case with you we have the ability (for most cars) to reset the locks and reprogram the immobiliser so that the old keys will no longer work.

Lock Outs

As security has become more advanced over the years locking your keys in the car is still a problem. Gone are the days when you could get in with a coat hanger. With all the current lock shields and dead locking devices we have now adapted techniques for most cars to enable none destructive entry.

Broken Keys

If you have broken your key in the door lock or even opening a paint tin we can help. We can usually cut a new key without affecting the electronics present in your key. This enables us to keep your costs low.

Immobiliser Faults

We have many calls daily about false immobiliser faults. An immobiliser is connected to many control systems to stop the car from being hotwired. For most cars we have genuine equipment that can read any engine faults including immobilisers and ECU's.

Van Security From 3D

Standard vehicle security is sometimes not enough to protect those valuable items inside your work vans. Preventing thieves from gaining entry to your van is sometimes a necessity, especially with the news that some vans can be opened within seconds with an air wedge. Why not talk to one of our team to see what we can do to protect your work vans today.